Aleister Crowley and UFOs

Early Occult ties with Nasa

Would it surprise you learn, that NASA’s leading space science lab, was started by a co-founder with deep ties to the occult? What did Aleister Crowley, Ron Parsons, and L. Ron Hubbard all have in common; and what did they do? What is so important about the years of 1946 through 1948, in our planets history? Let’s take a look.

Who are Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, and L. Ron Hubbard?  Each one of these men; an enigma; the links will help fill in the blanks for now.

Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947) , The Amalantrah Working (1918) – The infamous Aleister Crowley opens a portal during an elaborate working and meets the LAM. Aleister Crowley was able to close this portal as legend has it.

Jack Parsons (1914-1952), and L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) The Babylon Working (1946), according to occult and folk lore, Parsons and Hubbard ripped open the portal, unfortunately they were not as successful as Aleister Crowley was in closing the Portal. Aleister Crowley incidentally called them out in public, calling them louts, that made him nervous.

  • The US starts Atomic Tests on Bikini Atoll (1946).
  • United Nations’ first meeting (1946).
  • The CIA was authorized by the National Security act (NSA) of 1947
  • The (IMF) International Monetary Fund begins operaion.
  • The Cold War Begins.
  • The Dead Sea Scroll find is underway in caves near Wadi Qumran (1946)
  • Kenneth Arnold June 24th, 1947, sighting of the first UFO, seen over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, it was the beginning of the modern ufo age as we know it.
  • July 7th 1947, The Roswell UFO Incident.
  • September 18th, 1947. The United States Air Force officially becomes its own agency, separate from the United States Army.
  • September 18th, 1947, The CIG becomes the Central Intelligence Agency CIA
  • Israel became a State on May 14th, 1948

Since 1947, UFOs have boldly flown our skies again

Kenneth Arnold has the distinct privilege of spotting the first modern era UFOs over Mount Rainier in Washington on June 24th, 1947.

Ten days after Kenneth’s sighting on July 4th, 1947; a United Airlines flight en route to Seattle was flying over Idaho when it reported seeing five to nine disk shaped objects that kept pace with the plane for more than 10 minutes before disappearing. Kenneth Arnold interviewed Captain Emil J. Smith, and the co-pilot in Seattle, Washington the next day. According to Kenneth Arnold, this sighting was one of the few reliable UFO reporting’s at the time, based on the crews description of the alien craft. Kenneth and Emil soon became friends, they met again on July 12th with the AAF, Army and Air Force Intelligence Officers to file sighting reports, the very same day this historic photograph was taken in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Why the UFO Grand Delusion is dangerous to Christians

The UFO endgame was never given serious attention by Christians, the Bible warned us, but we knew better. When the ships fly en masse, and the visitors state “they” seeded the universe, only the most seriously informed believers will be able to hold on to their faith

Who is the Galactic Federation of Light?

The Galactic Federation of Light is the big push of the New Age Movement. Their story, these supposed masters are here to help humanity ascend to the next level. The Galactic Federation of Light is a deception of the evil side, and a part of the grand delusion, they serve both sides.

The LAM and Grey Aliens

Notice the resemblance of Aleister Crowley’s LAM and the common grey alien?

UFO Sightings

After the Babylon Workingin 1946, UFO sightings have been reported en masse, once the dimensional gateway was opened, it could never be closed again. Evil forces, long banned from interfering with the human race, have returned for the Grand Delusion.