Chapter 12 – Exodus



George and his brothers are in charge of the convoy, transportation, and the safety of John and Maria. George is an unlikely hero; he was rescued from a life of soul ties, and demon possessions spanning the last twenty years. George and Kris discuss the Church they must visit on the way back to Minneapolis.

“I’m afraid of the spirits,” George said. “They’ve cost me so much of my life, I don’t want to ever be lost like that again.”

“You won’t George, I promise. We’re protected now” Kris said. “No matter what happens to us in this life; we’re going to live on at the resurrection.”

“I know, I was hoping to tell my kids I was sorry for everything.”

“I think you’ll still get that chance George,” Kris said. Just get John and Maria where they need to go, and the rest will take care of itself. This isn’t the end George, it’s the beginning.

Aaron, Daniel, and Isaac were celebrating George’s return to the faith and the family. George was the prodigal son on the family. No one expected him to come back to the faith, or to live to an old age. Until recently, his brothers have been praying for him to be arrested. It seemed jail was the only hope John had in reclaiming his life.

George liked to drink a lot of alcohol; raspberry vodka in the morning sort of drinking. His life was a train wreck; his ex-wife was a police officer who both enabled John and afforded him professional courtesy he was not due.

Rear ending a family on the way home from the bar was the latest escapade George walked away from. As he was being released from the hospital the emergency room doctor tried desperately to get the police to arrest him. A blood alcohol rate more than two times the legal limit, wasn’t enough to touch George that night. It appeared he was above the law.

The policeman who freed George with the Jaws of Life had never seen anyone walk away from an accident like that. A police jacket in the back seat was his get out of jail free card. Like countless times before; justice would never catch up with George.

Having George come back to the faith, free from alcohol was all his family needed to see to know it was a miracle. George had a reputation; not one that was earned from a lifetime of helping people. It would seem Heaven needed someone gruff for the job. God has a history of picking people to help Him that humans would never consider. Sometimes we’re kept on the sidelines to fool then enemy.

The snowmobiles were lined up single file; there were six sleds total with the last two pulling supplies for the journey. Tim and Brent guarded the front of the cave while Aaron topped them off with gas. The hovering ship dimly lit the area. There was a certain comfort in its presence. Daniel and Isaac finished securing the new supplies from the cave, and then took point securing the perimeter.

John and Maria joined the group as the prep work finished. George and Kris walked to the cave entrance to talk with them. “Be careful not to dress too warm.” George said. “All you need is a snowsuit for this ride.”

“We have a stop along the way; the Church that Gabriel told us about is just a few minutes from here. Then we have a four hour ride time to Minneapolis.”

“I thought Minneapolis was a five hour drive from here in good weather,” Maria said.

“That’s about right Maria,” George said. These snowmobiles travel easily at a hundred and twenty miles an hour. With the ship leading the way we’ll be able to make great time. We made it up here in about four hours

“Are you guy’s ready to go,” George said.

“I think so,” John said. “These are the last of our things George.”

The ship above them came out of hibernation and raised high into the sky, the colored light danced in unison as the ship prepared for the journey.

How are you coordinating with the ship George,” Maria asked.

“Gabriel and I are talking,” George said. “You can’t hear him?”

Maria shook her head no. Aaron grabbed John and Maria’s bags and secured them on the last two snowmobiles. Once the ship had reached cruising altitude, ozone permeated the air.

“That smell, the ozone smell, what causes that,” John said.

“Air passing through an electrically charged field; I believe, Maria said.

George rounded everyone up for a pre ride checklist. “John, can you drive a snowmobile,” Tim said.

“Yes I can.” John said.

“John, you and Maria take the second snowmobile,” George said. “Kris and I will take the first one. Brent and Tim will be on the third. Aaron will ride point on the fourth snowmobile, with Isaac and David bringing up the rear pulling the sleighs.”

Everyone started their snowmobile to warm them up; the sound was part lawnmower and part chainsaw. As the sleds warmed everyone put on their gear; the protective gear was first, helmets, boots, and gloves were secured by all. The idling sleds headlights seemed rather dim. John held the brake and revved his sled; the light shining far into the woods.

John nodded to George, he was ready to go. Aaron waited for the ship to move, after a moment it slowly flew towards the property line. First Aaron, then George, then John followed by Brent, David, and Isaac hit their accelerators and started down the path. The snow kicking up behind them.

Now at the road, the first snowmobile guns it and takes off down the ice covered road . Everyone follows in single file, riding in the center of the road. The first mile took less than a minute to travel with everyone getting the hang of their ride.

Maria held on tight to John; keeping her body close against his. Maria watched as we closed in on the first stop sign. The ship veered to the left and Aaron and George turned left, following the ship.

The ship not only kept them safe; it protected them from most of the elements. The ship picked up speed; and the riders did their best keeping up with the leaders. Riding on a snowmobile is amazing Maria thought. It feels like you are going twice as fast because of your proximity to the ground.

The engines revved as the snowmobiles sped through the hills. It was almost a bit too fun. John could hear Maria giggling on the back. After a few minutes everyone fell into a cadence behind Aaron who was leading the way.

The blizzard was still in full force around them; but barely noticeable. With the winds and snow blocked, and the heat rising from the snowmobiles, it was a fun ride.

Up ahead the ship slowed and the search lights began illuminating the Church. Aaron stopped short of the church and waited for the rest of the group to pull up and stop their snowmobile. He turned off his sled and everyone followed suit.

The ship lights were illuminating the Church steeple. Not far above the steeple a dark cloud circled counter clockwise. Bursts of light, the sound of screams, and thunder permeated the night.

George raised his face shield to talk. “John, Gabriel wants you and Maria and the two pastors inside. “The congregation is there, praying for deliverance. When you get inside, make your way to the front of the sanctuary and wait for the prayer to finish. Something amazing is going to happen.

Everyone started their sleds and pulled up close to the Church, dismounting their snowmobiles John, Maria, Tim and Brent removed their gear. Outside, the prayers of the faithful could be heard. This congregation was under attack from the forces of evil.

* * *

John and Maria removed their helmets; Brent, Tim, and Kris were next. George and his brothers took charge; they secured the perimeter of the church.

The old Baptist church was at least a hundred years old. The church was nestled in the hills along the old dirt road. The smell of burning firewood was everywhere. Most people that live in this rural area heat with outdoor wood furnaces and fireplaces.

The ship entered a hovering position above the building; it was silent and had taken position just under the cloud line, above the church. The sound of praying and singing could be heard around the property. The church has a graveyard on the north side of the property, where the bodies of previous members were buried.

“What’s up with the cemetery,” Kris said.

“Actually it’s a graveyard,” Tim said. “Graveyards are normally right next to a church; like this one, while cemeteries are not.”

“Today I learned,” Kris said.

“When I was young my parents were missionaries in Guatemala,” Maria said. “One thing I find very bizarre about the United States is that you bury your dead people right in the middle of town. In Guatemala cemeteries are on the edges of towns. You won’t find anyone building homes next to them that’s for sure.”

A blacktop parking lot surrounded the small church; added to over the years, the hodgepodge looked out of place. Twenty cars looked frozen in time, victims of the blizzard that started yesterday; and an indication of how long the siege at the church had been underway. A few four by four trucks and jeeps were cleaned off and ready for travel. Several snowmobiles were on-site as well.

“I’d like for everyone to say a prayer before we go in,” John said. Everyone joined hands and bowed their heads, and talked silently with God, the way the Bible tells us to pray.

“Let’s go,” John said. “Maria, holster your weapon. With all of the church shootings the last thing we need is to be mistaken for intruders.”

John opened the door and held it for the others to walk in; the foyer was dark. The noises coming from the sanctuary signaled that the members were out of their comfort zone. John walked up the stairs that led around a corner and into the worship area. The preacher’s name was David, David stood up front, and his loud voice and fire and brimstone style were perfect for selling you a get out of Hell free card. The church was under attack, but from within.

David kept shaking his head no whenever he mentioned that God would save them. David also used the ‘El Diablo’ frequently; he formed this sign by extending his index and little fingers while holding the middle and ring fingers down with his thumb. It’s also known as ‘Devil Horns.’

At the front of the church were two people sitting on the floor in front of the pulpit. A woman was barking like a dog; while a man slithered around the floor like a snake, cursing at the David.

John was enraged that the members were OK having disembodied spirits hanging out in human form.

About forty devout Christians filled the pews of the church, most sitting in the front rows. They prayed for deliverance from evil, their hands stretching towards the heavens.

John returned to the group. “We have at least two possessed people sitting in the front, and a Satanic Infiltrator for a preacher. He may be possessed too, I just can’t tell yet.

“Don’t forget about the astral travelers,” Kris said. “They will be taken care of. You need to be ready to deal with the humans behind them, when they are delivered to you.”

Maria looked legitimately confused. “It’s my understanding that people who astral travel leave their bodies behind somewhere safe,” Maria said. “They do Maria, as far as I know anyway,” Kris said. “I think we’re in for a miracle tonight”.

“Ok,” John said. “That’s fantastic news. Tim and Maria, please walk up the left side of the pews. Brent and Kris, please walk up the right side. Take position in an empty row behind the members. When everyone has been seated I will move in.”

Tim extended his arm to Maria; she smiled, grabbing Tim’s arm they walked into the church together. Brent and Kris followed suit and John waited until everyone was seated and ready to go. None of the members noticed the late comers to church; everyone was in a dream state.

John walked slowly into the worship area. He stopped at the end of the isle and closed his eyes. John was a little scared, but he knew it wasn’t him doing the work. He asked God to guide him and protect him.

He started moving up the aisle slowly; the two possessed people stood up from the floor and pointed at John. The assembly turned to see John; some recognized him as the Pastor from television. John moved quickly up the aisle, while the two possessed people moved towards him.

John didn’t waste a moment; in a loud voice he commanded the spirits to come out of them in Jesus’ name. The man and woman immediately stopped in their tracks. The man fell to the floor; the woman started to fall and was caught by a member on the end pew. Both let out horrific screams as the spirits came out of them.

John continued his way up the aisle. Tim and Maria, Brent and Kris made their way to the inside of the aisles. The preacher was outnumbered; so he decided to play along.

“Who are you the preacher asked? “My name is John, and you are,” John said. “My name is David, I’m the preacher here.” How did you do that John? Our denomination teaches that the gift to exorcise evil spirits vanished with the apostles thousands of years ago, are you working for Satan?”

“No David, I sure don’t, “John said. “I work for Yahweh, you know him as God. I suspect you are the infiltrator here David. You’re probably responsible for the assault against our camp and being the point man for Satan on the ground here, in this offensive.

“Do not believe this demon named John,” David said. He announced it as a command to the members of his church.

John walked up to the pulpit where David was standing. “I noticed you shaking your head no when talking about the good news of the Gospel, you know, the parts where God saves people. I also noticed you giving the demon horns David. Can you explain that to these nice people here?”

“Do not believe this traitor,” David said.

John looked David over and smiled. “Come out of this man in Jesus’ name, John said. David’s wife rushed forward from the pew to grab him when he started to fall. She couldn’t support his weight and they fell to the ground together. David collapsed on his wife.

David had many dis-embodied spirits in him. When the screams started there were at least seven different pitches, seven different voices that were distinguishable. The congregation was emotionally moved; they started clapping and shouting.

“Everyone listen up,” John said. “We should look to Jesus as our example; can anyone here name a time when Jesus prayed in public? An odd silence fell on the congregation. Many confused members looked to each other for answers. There is a reason Jesus prayed the way he did. He didn’t want his prayers intercepted by the enemy.”

There are evil spirits here and they are feeding off of your prayers. This is the biggest reason Jesus told us to pray to ourselves. He was always heading to a mountain, to the desert, or somewhere else private to pray. Your words have power. We are made in the image of God; who spoke his world into existence with just his words. You words are very powerful.”

Please pray to yourself; pray to God to give you the deliverance that you’ve been pleading for. And he will give it to you, I promise,” John said.

A few members looked at each other in disbelief; but they just witnessed three possessed people become liberated. They were open to suggestion. They closed their eyes and many held hands. Their prayers lifted up to heaven itself.

The rest of John’s group came forward to help. A wind on the inside of the church kicked up and blew most of the candles out. “Don’t be afraid,” John said. “It’s working, keep praying for deliverance.”

The people were older in years. Most of them were raised believers. They prayed with everything they had.

Screams in the distance caught John’s attention. “Come up front everyone,” John said. I’m going to need all of your help in a minute.” Everyone circled around the group of five. Kris knelt and transformed into the Archangel Gabriel. “They’re coming John; be prepared,” Gabriel said. “Just be prepared to catch them and hold them.

As soon as Gabriel finished that sentence the screams of two souls somewhere in the astral plane could be heard. There was a spiritual fight going on, but no one could tell exactly what was going on.

Gabriel motioned for Mike and Maria to kneel down and hold out their arms. Just then, two spirits came straight down through the roof of the church, each holding a body, they brought two other souls with them and dropped one in John’s and one in Maria’s lap.

Jerry was delivered to John and John’s Emily was delivered into Maria’s hands. The believers knew what to do; they moved forward and laid hands on each of them, praying, this time to themselves.

The look in Emily’s eyes was one of great fear. “How in the hell did my body get here,” Emily said. “This is impossible, help me John, and get this lady off of me.

Jerry had become saved for real this time. He could finally see that God was much greater than Satan. Emily cursed in Latin at the believers who had laid hands on her, they backed up.

“You can’t save me John, I’m a Nephilim, my Dad is a Fallen Angel, there is no salvation for me.”

“That’s not true Maria said. Think about the battle of Jericho. The prostitute who hid Joshua’s spies, Rahab the prostitute was not only forgiven, she was listed in the Hebrews Chapter Eleven ‘Faith Hall of Fame’. She pleaded for her life and the lives of her family members. If there is no salvation to be found for you, I’ll put you out of your misery myself, I promise,” Maria said. Maria grabbed a knife out of her boot and held it at Emily’s neck.

“What’s it going to be Emily,” Gabriel said. “She speaks the truth.”

“I choose salvation, I didn’t know I had the option,” Emily said. Maria stowed her knife and smiled at Emily.

“We’re going to need help with your father Emily,” Gabriel said. “That’s fine Emily said. You can obviously work miracles, my body is here as a testament to that. How you did that I’ll never know.”

The believers made their way to Emily again and laid their hands on her, so did John and Maria. “I’m more proud of you John than I have ever been. You were just a mark to me before, but you saved me today. I’ll never forget that John.”

Tim and Brent helped Emily up. Emily looked at Brent; “I’m sorry Brent,” Emily said. “I’m sorry for messing up your life.”

“You need to talk to my wife and set things straight Emily,” Brent said. Maria reached for Emily’s hand and grabbed it tight, I’ll be right there with you,” Maria said.

When Emily helped Jerry stand up everyone applauded. Both of them were saved by grace. Many miracles were delivered.

“May Yahweh always bless you believers,” Gabriel said. Then he knelt and transformed back into Kris. The congregation was amazed.

* * *

The ship hovering outside woke up from sleep mode. The odd banging noise as the ship raised into the night sky could be heard for miles. The higher the ship went the more winter weather that reached the ground.

Kris stood up from the transformation and extended a hand to David. David collapsed on Diane, his wife of thirty years when the spirits left his body. David had a new gleam in his eye today; a second chance at life. “Diane are you OK,” David said. Diane smiled at David; he had that same gleam in his eye when they first met. “I think I’m going to be just fine David,” Diane said.

That moment came, the one Emily had feared. She came face to face with John. He wasn’t mad; he wasn’t hurt, he was a hero. Emily was proud of John; for stepping up to do the will of the Kingdom, for doing what was right regardless of the personal cost. Emily thought about what might have been for a second, and then she smiled.

She looked over to find Maria smiling at her. Emily was saved today, against all odds. She thought she was unstoppable; a hybrid human, part supernatural and part human. God’s grace reached through space and time; finding the right moment to open His arms to welcome Emily to the family.

Most of the church members scattered outside when the ship lifted off. Many people are filled with relief when the supernatural world lifts its veil to show its proof. Some fall into a state of disbelief, some go numb inside.

George and his brothers holstered their weapons when the congregation came outside to meet them. George came inside to find John; he was up front talking with David, Emily, and Jerry. The siege on the old Baptist church was over.

David insisted on traveling with John and the others to Minneapolis. Once the veil lifted for David he understood what John was doing. “So, can I come with you,” David said.

“Absolutely David,” John said. You should be ready to take the same steps I’m planning to take in the morning. If you’re going to walk the walk, now is as good of time as any, I’ll back you up.” John said.

David looked around and saw Paul, one of the church elders walking up the aisle after George. “Paul, could you gather everyone who is still here out front, I have a message for everyone before I go. “Will do David,” Paul said.

A motley crew of Christians walked out of that church together. John and Maria, Tim, Brent, David and Diane, George, Emily and Jerry all headed out of the sanctuary, past the foyer, and into the storm.

The ship held back most of the weather for those on the ground. David said goodbye to Diane while the congregation gathered under the lights of the ship. Diane was going to stay behind and keep the church open for everyone.

David approached the people who looked up to him, some of them for their entire lives. “I’d like everyone to meet John,” David said. “Most of you know him from the hour of grace TV show, and one of the largest congregations in the mid-west, located right in our very own state.”

“John is fighting his way back to his church so he can announce to his congregation what I’m going to tell you this evening. The fact is you don’t need us. Access to the kingdom is available to everyone who believes. You don’t need mediators like us anymore. We have the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ which gives us access to the very throne room of God in this life, and when you pass to the next life. God lives in your hearts; he doesn’t live in buildings made by human hands.”

“I’m going to Minneapolis to help John close this chapter of his life, and begin a new chapter for all of humanity. I’m not really leaving this place. As long as we can agree that the definition of a church is the people who believe, having a building is OK. I also believe that worship together is OK; as long as the point is praise, and just to come together to love God. No agenda, not anymore; Jesus came to earth to end the religion of his day, not to start another one. He just wants us to love him, his Father, and our neighbors as ourselves, the rest will come naturally I believe.

“For those of you that don’t have anywhere to go, Diane is going to keep the building warm and help the food keep coming. Help each other the best that you can. And I’ll be back soon to join you. I can’t wait.”

When David kissed Diane goodbye he didn’t seem the same. The religious fundamentalist was gone. And a man who once again gave her hope stood in front of her. “I love you David,” Diane said. “You do whatever you need to do, then hurry home.”

Everyone cheered and clapped. It was a great speech that David delivered; and one of the best common sense sermons in a thousand years.