Chapter 6 – Michael



John stood with the woman he loved. He has known her since he was a child, and been in love with her as long as he can remember. “I love you John” the beautiful woman says to John. She is holding hands with a little girl; “that must be her daughter” John thought, “they certainly look alike”.

They are standing in a familiar wooded play area. John has been here before, and met this amazing woman several times. John doesn’t know her name. But he has never been happier than at this moment, nothing compares.

While the little girl plays; John embraces his love and kisses her. It is the most passionate moment John has ever experienced. “I love you too”, John said.

A loud noise causes John to look away. When he looks back, she is gone. John awakens to the real world; another dream; a solitary tear runs down his face. John’s loss only lasts a moment; the transition from dream world to the real world now complete.

John woke up this morning a different man. Armed with a purpose in life; John was no longer a spectator or the occasional leader: He is a demon exorcising Christian, just like the seventy that Jesus sent on the great commission.

John doesn’t know exactly what his calling is yet, but that’s why he’s here, at this time and place. “I just know Maria is the intercessor that Mike was talking about.”

John begins his day on his knees, praying. He used to pray for things he wanted in life, how selfish in retrospect. John’s prayers are not one way anymore; the Holy Spirit is indwelling him, and guiding him.

John prays for the lost, for the Kingdom, and for Gods’ will to be done. His prayers are actively being led, a discussion with the creator of the universe.

After prayer, John dresses for the cold day ahead. John sees Mike from the window; splitting logs and building a campfire. He steps out to join him.

It’s cold this morning on the Canadian border. A heavy snow is falling on the camp site; a feeling of awe surrounds everything here. Woodpeckers and owls can be heard in close proximity.

The snow blankets the camp in white. It’s so quiet you can hear each individual snowflake landing, like millions of tiny pins landing all around you.

“Good morning John”, Mike said. “Join me by the fire and warm yourself up”.

“Thank you Mike, how about a cup of that coffee?”

Mike grabbed the percolator from the fire; and poured John a cup of coffee the way he likes it, black with sugar. John and Mike often enjoy nature without saying a word. The next few minutes were spent reflecting, and enjoying great coffee.

John’s memory of his dream was fading fast, as dreams do. He interrupted the silence before it fleeted forever.

“I had the dream again last night Mike”

“Which dream, the dream of the two girls?”


“I wonder what’s changing”.

“What do you mean changing Mike”?

“You usually tell me about these dreams when things are changing in your life. Besides the obvious, what’s changed?”

“I have no fear anymore Mike, I wonder how people would feel if they could face the rest of their life with no fear? I still worry, I worry that Emily won’t love me anymore, that my parents won’t talk to me anymore, or that I won’t have a job paying money. But in the end, none of that matters.”

Maria opened the cabin door. “Good morning boys; breakfast is ready in five minutes. I trust you slept well John?”

“Yes Maria, I fell asleep fast, there is something calming about you retreat.”

“That’s the protection that this place enjoys right now John. We take great steps to ensure that nothing evil is permitted anywhere around this property, it’s explicitly protected. I’ll show you what I mean later after we talk. I’ll see you in a few.”

Maria closed the cabin door and I returned to my seat by the fire; Mike refilled my coffee. “Keep an open mind with Maria, she can seem a bit eccentric, but I assure you, she’s very real, and has the backing of the Kingdom as you’re about to find out. These are very exciting times John, very exciting times indeed.”

“You look at peace for someone who has gone through everything that you have in the last twenty four hours. You’re not harboring any regrets about the new path you’re life has taken,” Mike said?

“No Mike; I had a one on one talk with the creator of the universe through the Holy Spirit last night. I don’t know how to juxtapose a few personal issues that are unfolding in my life right now to something this grand.”

“And while a happy ending would be fantastic, it’s not realistic, and somehow I’m OK with that right now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know what’s going to happen yet; or what exactly my next steps are going to be, honestly I’m still sorting all of this out, and looking for guidance.”

“I think that’s a great way to feel about it,” Mike said. It comes from inner strength, and it’s who you are. I’ll tell you this John; God has us all together for a reason, and if that reason is to fight evil, I’m in it to the end with you brother, and I think you already know that.”

I do Mike, and I know you understand this goes both ways. Mainly I’m worried for the people caught in the middle, my parents, Emily, and I’m worried about being culpable for Christians who might fall away because of what’s happening.”

“John let me share something with you that I have arrived at after much careful thought and prayer. I used to spend a lot of cycles worrying about agnostics, and atheists in particular, that I was failing them, failing to help them see what was so crystal clear for me.”

“But the hard truth is; if there were no Atheists, our Bibles would be lying to us. The Bible explicitly says that a large falling away must occur before the Kingdom can come, and it’s happening right now. Some of those people will be believers, even the very elect as the Bible says. It’s a sad but inevitable fact of being in a spiritual war, there will be casualties. When you pray later you should ask about it John; you never know, it could bring you some more peace and clarity.”

“It’s time for breakfast; let’s clean our boots up and head into the cabin. Knowing Maria she has probably prepared a feast for us, and I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

Mike and John left the warm fire, the snow crunching heavily under their feet. “I heard a couple of owls as well as woodpeckers out here. This place is really peaceful Mike; I can see how you fell in love with it.”

“Maria picked it out,” Mike said. “Late last summer Maria was moved to find this place and she convinced me to move us here. It wasn’t too hard to convince me. I’ve always loved the outdoors, and there is something really special about this place. I think you’ll see that after breakfast. Come on, let’s go inside.”

Mike opened the door and they stepped quickly inside, it was so warm John’s glasses immediately fogged to the point he could not see. “Here you go John”, Maria brought John a soft cloth to clean his glasses with.

“Please hang your gear over by the door and have a seat at the table John.”

“What a spread Maria, it looks spectacular.” A breakfast of farm fresh eggs, biscuits and gravy, and fried potatoes waited for them.

“Maria, would you lead us in prayer”? Everyone joined hands and bowed their heads.

Dear God, thank you for bringing us all together. Whatever plans that you have for us; we ask that you make those clear. There is no room for misunderstandings; we want to do Your will. While we fill our stomachs please fill our souls, fill our lives, with you will. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

* * *

“This breakfast is fantastic Maria, thank you very much,” John said. “As a bachelor, I don’t eat like this very much. “Me either,” Mike said bringing an awkward laugh to the table, and an odd look from Maria. “Just kidding honey,” Mike said; desperately trying to dodge that bullet.

“Tell me about you John; I’ve heard some stories from Mike, but I would like to hear them from you as well. You must be RH- negative John so we won’t have to start there Maria said with a wink.”

“How would you know that,” John said? Everyone working at this level in the spiritual world does John. In short, it’s what allows God’s Angels to access our body, for the kingdom.”

“That’s interesting,” John said; “as Mike probably told you my adoptive parents started the Crystal Cathedral church many years ago in St. Louis Park Minnesota. I grew up most of my life there; until I went to college in South Carolina and met Mike.”

“I had three very real supernatural experiences before the age of eighteen Maria, those experiences cemented my Faith. I followed in my adoptive Father’s footsteps wanting to be a preacher someday myself. That is a dream that just came true, and my life has changed so much since then. After college I moved back home to Minnesota and went to work at my Dads church. An assistant Pastor position, created just for me, which allowed me to be just be myself. It never really challenged me. I’ve been stagnating for some time now,” John said.

About a month ago my Dad got pretty sick with the flu; which turned into a bad case of pneumonia. After he was admitted to the hospital I was approached to step into my Father’s shoes and lead the Church while he was out. The results were in yesterday; viewership went up half a million people a week after I took over.”

“Very interesting John,” Maria said.

“Don’t forget Brent, Mike said.

“Oh yes, on my first day I had to go in and interview a Pastor who admitted to having an affair with a new eighteen year old convert. She moved out of her apartment the next day, and called the lawyers. I gave Brent the benefit of the doubt, at Mike’s request and did not fire him, I placed him on a paid sabbatical, and in fact, he’s hanging out at my apartment now trying to get his life back together.”

“On the way here last night, Mike and I found my lead elder walking backwards around our Church. Lightning blasted everywhere, and thunder snow broke out. And something appeared over the Church.”

“A spiral, Mike said.

“John, it sounds like you have a very active infiltration going on around the TV Show”, Maria said.

“Oh, I almost forgot, John received a $200 survival knife that Matthew, creepy Elder guy left in his car as a gift.”

“No he didn’t, Maria said while looking scornfully at Mike.”

“I’m sorry Maria; I forgot to tell you with everything that was going on.”

Maria stood up and threw her hands in the air; “with everything going on, you forgot that,” Maria said?

“Honey, John exorcised his second demon last night. Excuse me if things are getting a little blurry here.”

Maria sat back down, “Sorry John, what’s his name?”

“His name is Matthew.”

“Well John, Matthew wants to control you, that’s why he gave you the knife. It always starts with an expensive gift, and then a friendship. The gift allows Matthew to consume more and more of your time, until you are unable to do the things you need to for the Kingdom.”

“Make no mistake John; you are the target, not Brent. That knife was probably used to sacrifice a child or an abductee to Satan. If you would have accepted that knife it would have opened a soul hook between you and Matthew.”

“Speaking of abductees John, did you know a million people go missing in the United States ever year? Some runaway; some change lives, but there are a number of people that disappear without a trace in the United States every year. It’s probably around five hundred thousand in the United States alone; in the world that number is closer to a million. That’s almost three people a second John, who disappear off the face of this earth.”

“Is this something new Maria,” John said?

“No John, it’s not a new phenomenon; it’s been going on since the beginning of time. In nineteen thirty seven an entire Japanese division of three thousand troops vanished in China. They found empty trenches, no corpses, and no signs of military action. In one hundred and eight BC the Roman IX Legion comprised of six thousand troops suddenly vanished. Rome was never able to contact them and no signs were ever found of them.”

“Tell me about your girlfriend John,” Maria said.

“I’ve been in love with Maria for almost two years now.” Matthew, the lead Elder at my church is her father. He unofficially gave me permission to ask for her hand in marriage two days ago. And yesterday Mike and I caught Matthew doing the devil walk around the church.”

“Matthew also gave me the knife, I’m less than optimistic about how this is going to turn out in relation with Emily, I don’t want to lose her, things have changed so fast I’m not sure what I want anymore.”

“Just hold that thought for right now John; things are going to get stranger before they get easier, I can promise you that.”

“Something deep inside told me that Maria was right and that I could definitely expect things to get weirder before I ever see normal again.”

After breakfast everyone crowded in the small kitchen area to help clean up the dishes and put things back into order. John noticed a few direct looks from Maria with a smile that caught his attention. There is something familiar about Maria; but John can’t quite place it.

Mike excused himself after we finished, he put on his gear and headed back outside for a moment. Maria invited John over to the couch; she carefully stoked the fire after adding more wood.

John was nervous; he had no reason to be, but he was. The fire was warm, the radiated heat was comforting, and the small pops from the fire were mesmerizing.

Things were quiet for a moment, as I looked over Maria smiled at me. She told me not to be afraid. Maria bowed her head as if to pray; gently bending her torso, closing her eyes, and folding her hands.

When her eyes opened something was different; they looked like someone else’s and quickly scanned the room. As Maria stood up and raised her head a warrior stood right up out of her body. She morphed directly into a seven foot tall male warrior, with a sword, long hair, and a very commanding voice.

He looked right through John.

“I will not allow you to hurt this woman.”

“Who are you” John said?

The warrior pointed his sword to the ceiling and knelt down, “I am a Warrior for the most high God and I protect this woman. I am Michael”, the angel said. “If you ever tell anyone who Maria really is, I will kill you. Do you understand?”

“I won’t,” John said. “I understand.”

“Praise Yahweh,” Michael said as he sheathed his sword.

The angel bowed his head like Maria did; and morphed back into Maria as she raised her head from prayer. John was scared. He was so nervous he needed to get away from Maria; John was sure the Angel was going to come back and kill him, and Maria could see it in his eyes.

Maria grabbed John by both hands and pulled him close to her; “don’t be scared John,” Maria said. “Michael is protective of me at first with new people; it’s his standard welcome message. The fact that you are alive at all is a testament to who you are and what you are here to do John. You cannot tell Mike any of this do you understand John”?

Yes Maria, I understand John said. Catching John by surprise, Maria threw her arms around John, and embraced him in a long passionate kiss, sending shock waves running through John’s body.

John was paralyzed by the kiss. It was the same kiss he dreamed about this morning, and all of his life.

* * *

John was mesmerized by Maria. Maria’s kiss started a tingling sensation that traveled up and down John’s spine in a wild tryst of emotions. “The chemistry between us John is the fulfilling of a prophecy given to me many years ago.”

“I know you can feel the chemistry John, I can feel your heartbeat, and you breathe. I have never felt anything like this before either, Maria said. What does this mean, John asked? “Michael, the Archangel appearing was a sign from the Kingdom John. You’re the right person for a long overdue task.”

“You will force the world to reconsider the way it views the Church. I believe we were destined for this time together. Mike was instructed to share with you that I used to be a Satanist. How does that make you feel about me John? I’m a little like Saul who was persecuting Christians, and then with direct intervention by Jesus, I came home.

“My late teen years and early adult life I can’t talk about anymore, I’ve done so many unspeakable things; and I’ve done them to Christians, Maria lamented. But that’s my past. Tell me about your childhood John? I have my suspicions, but I would prefer to hear it from you.”

“My childhood was really rocky for the first few years Maria. I was sick the entire first year of my life with a terrible infection. I was near death for the first year of my life, with my biological Mother and Grandmother by my side, praying for me every day.”

“After a year I got better after my Mom met a Doctor who prescribed a miracle antibiotic. I remember she called him a Saint, and she told me I was better in just a few days. My Mom and I were on our own soon after my biological father left us. Drinking and gambling had taken away his love for life and there wasn’t and food in the house for anyone. My Mom had to leave him, but things would only get worse.”

“She met an abusive man name Jack who she married. Jack loves to administer discipline, and I used to believe I was flying before I was old enough to know that I was being held against the wall, close to the ceiling, by my throat. The beatings were daily, and would often happen while Mom was away at work. I would be locked in the basement all day. I don’t have any memories of that, only the nightmares.”

“The nightmare show began every evening; it began with an attempt at escaping from the basement, only I never made it out. What happened to me in the basement I don’t know?”

“When I started elementary school, the apparent abuse finally got investigated and they pulled me out of the home, away from my biological Mom, and placed me with this great older couple.”

“I was raised in the Church after that, and I wanted to be like my new Dad, I wanted to become a preacher as well. After they adopted me my childhood problems were a thing of the past. Five years of terror had now been turned into a memory that was fading, and the nightmares stopped.”

“Wow John; so it’s safe to say your first four years of life, that someone or something was constantly trying to end your life?”

I never thought of it like that Maria, but it sounds legitimate, John said.

“John, I believe there is a special reason why you’ve had all of these supernatural experiences, so that you never waiver at the task at hand, in your walk with God.”

“That’s not all John,” Maria said. “Twenty years ago I received a vision, a prophecy of our meeting today. God wanted me to know that I was in the right place, at the right time, for a reason. And that is why I kissed you; I’ve been in love with you since then, Maria whispered, holding John’s hands. It’s our destiny John to be in this together.”

“What about Mike and Emily,” John said?

“Don’t let this cloud your judgment John; I did what I did because it’s true for me. I don’t expect you to reciprocate right away; for me this has been culminating for twenty years, I can wait a little while longer.”

What next Maria, John said?

“John, we’ve been brought together for a reason, through time and space no less, be patient, I don’t think it will take very long for that reason to become apparent. We’ve been preparing for this our entire lives, through our experiences. It’s the war, the war between good and evil that has been raging in this universe since creation began. It’s culminating now, in these latter days.”

“You and I, and everyone that has tried to influence you, one way or another, are all in this battle together. It all revolves around your TV show, and something the Kingdom wants you to do with it, a message for humanity perhaps?”

Mike came in hauling a big load of firewood; unaware of anything that had transpired in the cabin, and fully trusting in everything that Maria was doing. Mike is committed to God as well, and to whatever transpires here, everyone views this as their destiny, through the lenses of their individual lives.

“How’s it going in here” Mike said. He filled the firewood bin. “Well”, Maria said, “I’m just getting to know John. Come join us here when you’re finished Mike.”

“Sure thing” Mike said, “I’ll be finished in a moment.” Mike cleaned up the area and hauled out the trash

After stowing his gear, Mike came back over and sat down with Maria and John. Maria extended a hand to each of Mike and John; and they each held her hand. “Don’t be scared Mike”, Maria said. “John has already seen this, so take your cues from him.”

Mike turned to John and gave him a confused look. John tried to shrug his shoulders; but Mike could tell he was lying. “If Michael is coming back, I’m scared,” John thought.

Maria bowed her head as if she was going to pray and she again morphed into the Archangel Michael as she sat back up. Michael immediately drew his sword and said “I will not allow you to harm this woman.” Mike’s eyes were huge, he was scared, “it’s OK Mike”, John said, “from what I understand, if he didn’t like us, we’d be dead already, that’s his MO.”

“Who are you”, Mike asked? I am a warrior for Yahweh, the Archangel Michael said while raising his sword to the Heavens and kneeling down on one knee. “Angels travel this way sometimes,” John said, “with people who are RH – negative. I believe this is why the Bible tells us we sometimes we entertain Angels without knowing it.”

I’ve prepared the way for the Archangel Gabriel, he has a message from Yahweh. It has taken us a while to get here. The war is heating up in the Heavens and its effect will be felt on Earth very soon. We are entering a very important battle in the war, and you have been preparing for this your entire lives. Come in Gabriel, Michael said.